Wheat Allergy & Celiac

Wheat allergy is an abnormal immune system reaction to one or more proteins found in wheat. Allergy to wheat is one of the more common food allergies in children. If you or your child has a wheat allergy, the immune system has developed a specific antibody (a disease-fighting agent) to a wheat protein.  Symptoms include hives, difficulty breathing and nausea.

Celiac disease is an immune system reaction that causes inflammation in the small intestines when a person eats any food containing gluten (type of protein found in wheat.)

An allergy or sensitivity is an innapropriate response to a normal substance. 

What do we do?  We do not treat symptoms of allergies.  Drugs treat symptoms of allergies.  With the use of the laser, we are trying to recondition the body to no longer give an inappropriate response to specific wheat proteins, wheat enzymes or foods that contain gluten.  In other words, when a person eats a food that contains wheat proteins, lectins, gluten, their nerve system will perceive the substance as “foreign” or “bad”, thus causing an autonomic neurological stress response.  The activation of the autonomic nervous system can cause the release of an inflammatory response, vaso constriction-dilation or abnormal organ function.

The laser is trying to calm down the nervous system in relation to the substance so that the patient does not get an abnormal response in the first place.  Neurological stress reduction therapy works great and has been successful in many patients.  Watch the videos!

On a personal note:  I fully believe that wheat and dairy should not be consumed by anyone.  Wheat and dairy are one of the major causes of preventable diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, degeneration, and diabetes.   I recommend to all patients with or without allergies to consume none or less than 10% of these products per day.  I also recommend to patients that if the laser helps remove the inappropriate response to gluten, it is not recommended to eat gluten.  I have many patients who were allergic to gluten and after a phase of laser treatments can now eat wheat products without getting any symptoms.  I tell them, “Just because you can eat wheat or dairy without any symptoms does not mean you should.”  But many patients are happy to avoid the horrible symptoms associated with the allergy.