Allergy or sensitivity is inappropriate response to a normal substance. It is an error by the body and a reaction by your immune system to something that does not bother most people.

At Dr. William Johnson, we have a unique approach to treat any type of allergy. Our technological equipment used in the procedures is based on reducing the stress levels in the autonomic nervous system, because it is stress that causes most health related conditions. It identifies substances that cause stress levels to rise and these environmental stressors are paired with positive stimuli, which releases endorphins and enkephalins triggered by the nerve bundle stimulation. These two are natural sedative and pain killer of the body. Once released, they calm the nervous system and replace the negative association with a neutral association.

With the help of laser therapy, allergies can now be easily taken care of. The body will perceive milk or any other substance containing endorphins that changes the association from bad to good. It will positively condition or train the autonomic nervous system to no longer respond in a stressful manner to the substance. The laser is like rebooting your body to perceive substances correctly.

We use Bax 3000/NRG laser for treating various allergies. It is an automated system that consists of multiple components which allow licensed healthcare to provide a unique form of relaxation training for your body. It is a safe, FDA cleared and pain-free procedure. It provides data that helps in identifying the greatest stress-producer in your body and possible adjustments needed to make your immune system function well.

Bax 3000/NRG laser involves two main components namely: 1) Digital Conductance Meter (DCM) and 2) a computer system. These are designed to properly assess, balance and service the body to maintain the optimal capacity of the immune system. DCM is used to measure the skin conductivity. It provides the healthcare staff with your body’s baseline energy measurement which can help for further examination. Once the measurements are recorded, the second component has various audio/ video stimuli that display, print and record the testing results. While the Bax 3000/ NRG corrective laser transfers energy impulses to the central nervous system, it also introduces a “file” that acts like an anti-virus and defragmentation program, which corrects any error in the immune system.

With a newly enhanced immune system, you can confidently walk on the road symptom-free!

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and each person results may vary!