The Bax 3000/NRG Laser is safe, FDA cleared and pain-free.  The Cold Laser light is used only as a carrier signal for radio frequencies.  You cannot feel anything but will experience great results.

Each patient fills out a detailed history form in order for the doctor to figure out the best course of treatment.  We treat each patient differently since each person reacts differently to substances in their environment.   It is important to fill out the history form correctly because history gives great clues to possible causes of your problem.  We do not treat the symptom but work to eliminate the cause of your problem.  Take your time filling out the history form and add any additional details that you find important.  If your problem is caused by something you eat, drink, breath in or rub on your skin its important to note all possible causes for your allergies or condition.    After you fill out a detailed description of your problem and possible causes the doctor will decide if your condition falls under mild, moderate or severe protocol.   The doctor will give you a treatment plan depending upon your severity.


Think of your body’s immune system like the tires on your vehicle. Certain elements on the road may cause damage to the tread on your tires leading to misalignment, bumpy rides, skidding and even accidents. Your tires are able to handle some elements better than others. The BAX 3000/NRG Immune Enhancement System provides us with data we can use to identify what elements are placing the greatest amount of stress on your body and what adjustments, if any, may be needed to provide you with immune system function at its highest level of performance.

The Bax 3000/NRG Immune Enhancement System is comprised of two main components that have been engineered to properly assess, balance and service the body so that the immune system can maintain optimal capacity.

The first component, the DCM or Digital Conductance Meter, provides us with the feedback necessary to properly analyze the body’s energy levels. This FDA-cleared biofeedback device provides us with your body’s baseline energy measurement in addition to measurements taken when the body is exposed to various elements. Measurement parameters have been established through scientific research to determine normal energy levels during exposure to each element. Any measurement readings that fall outside of these parameters may indicate a possible hazard or stress to your immune system when exposed to the corresponding element.

Once these measurements are recorded, the second component of the Bax 3000 Laser System is used to “service the chassis”. The Bax 3000/NRG Corrective Laser transfers energy impulses through points on the head, hands, and feet acting as a direct stimulus to the central nervous system. Effectively, the corrective laser introduces a ‘file’ to the body that acts much like a computer anti-virus and defragmentation program, correcting any errors in the immune system function.
With a newly enhanced immune system, you’ll be ready to get yourself back on the road symptom-free! Isn’t it about time you brought your body in for service?

What is the BAX 3000/NRG Laser?

The BAX 3000/NRG is an automated system, consisting of multiple components, which allow licensed healthcare providers to provide a unique form of relaxation training.  The BAX 3000/NRG consists of a Digital Conductance Meter which measures skin conductivity and a computer system which contains various audio/video stimuli, and displays, prints, and records testing results.

The BAX 3000/NRG software houses 100,000+ environmental substances, in an audio/visual format, which are presented to the patient to elicit autonomic nervous system responses. The DCM measures these responses, via galvanic skin resistance readings, during each individual audio/visual substance exposure. The list of environmental substances includes foods, heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, inhalants, pollens, grasses, phenolics and much more. In fact, just about any substance capable of affecting wellness is in the library. The BAX 3000 relies on the known relationship between electrical conduction and the autonomic nervous system and can be quite effective in helping a practitioner to design a unique Substance-Specific Relaxation Training protocol for each patient. The BAX 3000/NRG is a valuable piece of the puzzle for practitioners whose long term goal is to reduce symptoms related to conditions that are, at their core, Autonomic Nervous System Mediated Responses.

Substance Specific galvanic skin resistance (Stress) MEASUREMENT- The purpose of the BAX 3000/NRG is to relieve stress, First by providing data showing levels of stress in the ANS, and second, allowing those levels to be reduced with relaxation training. The BAX 3000/NRG is unique because it provides this information in the context of a substance. As an example, if a person is allergic, sensitive or intolerant to milk, there will be an increase in stress of the Autonomic Nervous System. Likewise, the presence of the word “milk”, or frequency imitating “milk”, will cause an increase in stress of the Autonomic Nervous System, if for no other reason than the mere thought of a substance that causes the person to be ill causes anxiety.

The BAX 3000/NRG is NOT meant to diagnose an allergy, sensitivity or any condition at all. Rather, the DCM is measuring Galvanic Skin Resistance during presentation of the Audio/Visual substance stimuli housed in the software.

Substance Specific Relaxation training (Stress-Reduction) Strategy- The use of Galvanic Skin Resistance technology to assess anxiety is not controversial because of the known relationship between electrical conduction and the Autonomic Nervous System. Nor is the relationship between stress and allergies, migraines and a host of health conditions controversial. BAX 3000/NRG providers, via the relaxation training techniques they offer, are able to provide clients with the general health-related benefits of stress reduction, as well as some very condition-specific benefits as well.

Substance Specific Relaxation training (Stress-Reduction) & allergies- Certain conditions are, by definition, the result of an inappropriate reaction to a harmless substance. Allergies, for example, are caused by a hyper-reaction of the Autonomic Nervous System, which triggers an immune system reaction. BAX 3000/NRG providers use Relaxation Training strategies geared towards a specific substance, the goal is to train the ANS to respond in a relaxed way (Not overreact, or hyper react) by introducing the “substance”, which is housed on the software, during relaxation training. This process is a combination of positive conditioning and biofeedback, and when the stressful event occurs in the real world the directed relaxation training is “remembered” by the ANS. In this case, the real-world event is substance exposure, and the result may be elimination of the inappropriate reaction to harmless substances.

Recent research has demonstrated that many allergies are caused by the neurological system forming a cause and effect relationship between a substance and a stress (trauma etc), much like Pavlovian conditioning. Other research has shown that if these associations can be broken, by introducing a positive stimulus in conjunction with the specific stress inducing substance, symptoms can be eliminated. The BAX 3000 allows the practitioner to do this quite easily. The relaxation training process, which can be accomplished by anyone of a number of techniques, is a positive stimulus. The production of endorphins, a byproduct of relaxation training, is viewed by the neurological system as positive. When done in conjunction with the presentation of the “substances” in the software, the neurological system associates the two… and old associations are broken. Furthermore, the relaxed state is remembered, and during future exposures, the stressed reaction does not occur. The Provider combines the relaxation training with those “substances” that caused the levels of stress to increase, as measured by raised Galvanic Skin Resistance measurements.