I was originally drawn to Nutrimost for the metabolic reset benefits. After suffering through gastrointestional issues for more than 18 months and a resulting weight gain, I signed up for the program. Very skeptical at first, I was so surprised my body reacted immediately to the structured program. Week after week my weight went down, body fat went down and my water content improved too. Weekly meetings with Dr T and coaches Tara and Sana kept me on track, provided me with corrections to my efforts that always worked, and encouraged me every step of the way. I lost 20 lbs and after almost 100 days on Nutimimost program am easily maintaining the loss because of the program’s methodology of retraining your body and giving you the tools to stay on track. I would highly recommend Nutrimost to anyone who wants to improve their health from the inside out! The weight loss is just a huge benefit of this improved lifestyle.

Maria E.
August 1, 2017