Hi, my name is Bob. Like virtually everybody else who contacts Dr. Abood at Slender Solon, I needed to lose a lot of weight and had a desire to accomplish it quickly. I had many unsuccessful and short-lasting attempts to do this in my past and wanted this time to be the last time. For me and more importantly, I needed to lower my Body Mass Index (BMI) drastically. While having a rewarding high-level corporate job, I also had a sideline as a successful entertainer and marketing trainer. I had to retire from both passions because of what I perceived as back pain caused by Arthritis and nerve impingement. Unfortunately after consultations, X-ray, M.R.I.’s, and outpatient surgeries, it was discovered that my HIP joint was completely fused by arthritis and was useless. On top of that, a nerve running from my lower spine to my knee was effected and actual cause of all, or the vast majority of the pain which had lead to my retirement from both professions. After this discovery I began a search for a surgeon to replace my ailing hip. Thinking that this would be an easy and simple task, my lovely wife and I began a quest to find a good clinic and surgeon to do the operation. That’s when the obstacles started to dash my hopes of ever being NORMAL again. Because I was Morbidly Obese, on the clinical charts, I was told that I was not even close to being a candidate for Knee Replacement Surgery. Four Orthopedic clinics were contacted in total over several years, with the same responses: Only if I was able to substantially reduce my BMI number would surgery, in my case, be considered. Now, I became obsessed with finding out how to reduce this BMI statistic. My life seemed “on hold” until one afternoon while driving in the car, I heard an advertisement for Slender Solon with a Guarantee of Success. Fortunately, I remembered the web address, and immediately when I got to my home I followed up on the ad and set up an initial consultation with Dr. Abood and his remarkable staff. I was so impressed that they all understood not only my dilemma but also understood all of the paths previously taken in my weight loss struggles throughout several decades. Now, “The Rest of the Story”! Here I am approximately a year later, sitting here filing this report with a 6-week old, brand new hip! After contacting the clinic I originally began my search with, the consulting physician walked straight into the room and said, “You need a new hip!” There was a bit more to the exact conversation but it was repeat of the complications associated with the arthritis and degeneration of the joint that I had heard so many times prior. There was no mention of BMI or weight loss, only that I needed to get the operation ASAP. (To which I heartily agreed) Only after the successful surgery did I venture to ask the surgeon about the BMI and weight concerns. While explaining that I indeed was (still) a large patient, I was well within the parameters he required for successful surgical outcomes. All this, just because I simply made the initial contact with Slender Solon, Dr. Noel Abood, and his magnificent staff counselors.

Robert R.
July 23, 2018