Lost 23 pounds in 40 days, which was great; HOWEVER, anyone would lose weight eating only 500 calories per day (6 total food items daily: 2 proteins, 2 veggies, 2 fruits) which included absolutely NO oils, fats, fried foods, potatoes, pastas or sugars AND must drink a lot of water! I paid over $1,700 at a “discount,” that’s over $74 per pound lost, in my case! Then, was told I would need to pay another $1,400 to do another round of the program to lose more weight!!! NO THANK YOU!! Very disappointed in the cost and the program was extreme to follow, which I followed faithfully! (I need to lose another 70 lbs so can you imagine how much they were willing to take from my banking account, geez!!) I was prepared to suffer through more “rounds” to lose all the weight I need to but wow, who can afford this plan??? IF the TOTAL was $1700 for me to lose 93 lbs, I would be satisfied to pay that much even though that is a lot of money but man oh man! I would be paying THOUSANDS of dollars to lose 93 lbs on Nutrimost and I just can’t do it!! (widow on a fixed income) Do your homework and make sure you know ALL the facts before you sign up for this extremely expensive program! They guarantee 20 lbs of weight loss and that’s no surprise when you’re eating only 500 calories per day those first 40 days!! I wish I had my money back but no luck, ugh. I doubt they will post my experience so we’ll see.

Christina B.
April 20, 2017