I began this Diet in December 2017 , by the middle of January 2018 , I had lost 43 pounds of ugly fat , and began my journey to better health . Following the diet was simpler than I thought , by the end of January , I began to see my blood sugar go down to a more normal range . by the end of February , I was totally off my diabetic medicine . My AC1 levels were normal and I felt great . Due to my lower weight , my blood pressure has been at normal levels , when was the last time your pressure was 113/65 , mine is . It was never a struggle or felt deprivation on this diet . Dr Johnson was with me every step of the way and his guidance and support were one of the key factors in my success .Anyone who doesn’t loose weight and get off their meds is truly not trying . I recommend this diet whole hearted , its good for you and your health , you’ll live longer happier .

Antonio M.
July 23, 2018