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I started my NM program on January 10, 2016 and I did this program remotely. I was 186.6 # at 5’7″ and felt awful! – from not fitting into my clothes to headaches, stomach issues and in general not feeling good about myself. By Day 40 (P2) had dropped 24.2# and felt great! I had kicked the sugar addiction that I had; my headaches had gone away, my digestive issues were gone and I looked great! I no longer had to take my cholesterol medications either. I continued on the program through P3 and into P4. By July I had my scan done again and my results were phenomenal! I was down 35#, 25.4 #of this loss was FAT!! My Viseral Fat rating had dropped by 3 points and my Metabolic age had dropped by 24 years!!! I continued to lose several more pounds to a grand total of 38#. And more importantly maintaining that loss within a 3# variance. This program is great. With a firm commitment I achieved great success and feel great!

Karen L.
February 28, 2017