I went to see the doctor the day after the 4th of July weekend in 2015 and I weighed in there at 345 lbs with my blood pressure at 135/80 and my cholesterol was well over 200 and I told my Doctor I am gong to try the Nutrimost program and he snickered a bit. That Thursday I went to see Dr. Stanley at Nutrimost. He asked me How low I wanted to get to and I told him 220 lbs. I just picked a number and was not sure if this would even work for me. I am still on the program today and I have lost over 130 lbs on this program. I know this works I have lived it. You have to commit completely and follow the directions given and the weight blows off. I went from a size 50 to a 34-36 in just 22 months and have kept it off. I know now what I can eat and what not to eat. Yes, some of the things I loved I had to quit eating but I have found I can eat better than I ever imagined. Thanks Dr. Stanley and the people with him there who’s help and guidance have led me on the journey to better health.

Dennis B.
May 24, 2017