It’s so hard to put into words the way this program has changed my life! My weight hit a point where I thought I would never be able to get it under control and get my happy life back. After the first meeting with the Nutrimost Staff in Dublin, OH, I KNEW my life was about to change. The staff there is unbelievable, but especially my coach Kari. I have never met a more motivating, selfless person, who cared about ME and my SUCCESS! She made me BELIEVE I could do it, and I was determined not to let her down, or myself. Keeping track daily with NIVA, and the weekly scans were such encouragement to keep going. To see my body changing from the inside was something I had never thought of or seen before, and I really enjoyed SEEING my change from the inside as well as the outside. The food plan was easy, and there were a lot of choices with the food, which was fantastic. I never felt deprived, or hungry, I slept better, and had more energy. Seeing the daily results before my eyes was like magic! LOL! THIS PROGRAM WORKS!! In my first round, I had lost 30 POUNDS! I am beginning to see the old me, and I’m loving it! In fact, I loved this program SO MUCH, that I am ready to start again and keep going until I reach my ultimate goal! This program has made me a believer for LIFE and I will make sure I spread the word, and tell EVERYONE I know, and that asks how I did it, about this program. I’m a lifer now, no doubt about it! THANK YOU NUTRIMOST for CHANGING me to a happier, healthier, me!

Amy H.
March 6, 2017