I have had amazing success with Nutrimost in Cherry Hill NJ. I completed my first round several years ago and easily lost 20+ pounds. I kept that off for a few years. Then came menopause. Out of nowhere I regained my 20 and a bit more. I tried to restrict calories, exercise etc but my struggle continued. As an RN, I am well aware of the health risks of being overweight. I realized that I would find the help I needed back at Nutrimost. I started again in December of 2017 with Ann as my coach. I wanted to be committed to avoid that holiday weight gain which I did. Being postmenopausal, my weight took a bit longer to come off this time. Ann stuck by my side with encouragement and amazing coaching to ensure that I lost the 20 lbs and a bit more. I needed a short extension but by about 45-50 days I was down a full 20! Yay!! Ann was so supportive, patient and creative in determining what my weaknesses were. She was able to help me utilize the Nutrimost supplements most appropriate to my personal metabolic needs. Ann was instrumental in my success!! I’ve just signed up to do another round after my vacation this summer and will begin August 1st. I’m so excited to lose my next 20 and get closer to my goal!! All total I had about 60 lbs to lose. I’m 20 down. Next 20 will be off by mid Sept. After that I will do my last round over the holidays again to help keep myself focused on good eating habits! Thank you Nutrimost and especially Ann!!!

Gayle D.
July 23, 2018