Stacy N Before


Stacy N After


While “on the program” I lost 37.2 pounds. I say “on the program” because once done with Phase 5, I have continued on the weight loss journey on my own. I am still losing weight and have another 30+ pounds that I would like to lose. Granted, the weight is not coming off as fast, but I now have the tools to not only keep the weight off but to continue to lose the weight. I feel so much better than I thought I would. I decided not long ago to try jogging again to feel even healthier. I have always said that “I don’t run” and the “running is bad for me.” What I discovered is that it wasn’t that I didn’t run or that it was bad for me, but I was too overweight to get past the point of thinking I was going to die while running. I discovered that losing the weight I did, mostly in my torso, allowed me to jog easier. I am now up to jogging 1.5 miles without stopping! I feel SO MUCH better about myself! Now, I don’t run and hide when someone gets out a camera! My coach Camille Wiens is the BEST EVER! I loved having her in my corner rooting me on! She “got me” and our appointments were not only informative, but fun! To this day (about 2 months post final appointment) I still text her fun things I either saw, did or heard. She may have started as my coach, but she is now what I consider a friend for life.

Stacy N.
June 28, 2017