Deb P Before and After

Over the past 10 months I have completed the NutriMost program 3 times and have lost a total of 67 pounds. Round 1 was primarily about the weight for me and I thought in the process I would feel better, however by the end it was about feeling better and the weight was secondary. I found that my specially designed program was easy to do and the success that I have found with the program has been life-changing for me. The support was superior to any program that I have ever tried. My primary doctor has taken me off of all the medications that I had been taking. My body no longer hurts all the time, I have energy, my skin is bright, my hair shines, I have a new found confidence. I flew recently and security did a double-take when I handed them my drivers license! I am so jazzed about this phenomenal program and how it has given me the ability to have my life back the way I want to live it. I recommend to everyone who shows any interest so that they can improve their quality of life as well!

Deb P.
March 6, 2017