I was suffering from poorly functioning kidneys for decades and suffered with excessive swelling all over my body. When I heard about NutriMost and that the program started with an intensive detox program I felt like this was finally “the key” I had been searching for to not only change my weight but also change the way my body functioned from the inside out. I am excited to share with everyone that I have never felt so healthy in my life as I do right now. The swelling is gone (I actually have ankles again). The weight continues to drop off, even though I am no longer on the program. This program showed me how good real, unprocessed foods can taste and the wonderful things it does for the body. I am more conscious of my food choices now and I believe that is why I am continuing to loose weight. I can never remember a time when I have had so much self confidence as I do now…thank you NutriMost!

Kathy L.
March 10, 2017