Bill M Before


Bill M After


I’d been struggling with my weight for years. Ever since a failed back surgery in 2003, I’ve been fighting weight gain due to inactivity and diet. I saw Dr. James Aylor in Camarillo, California. He and his staff were very empathetic to my situation and got me set up on the Nutri-Most Wellness and Weight Loss program. I stuck to the program and the weight just melted away. I lost 33 pounds in about 40 days and never felt hungry, didn’t have any cravings, and I consistently lost one-half to one pound daily. Because of my back, I couldn’t exercise more than walking a few minutes every few days, but the program doesn’t require it to lose weight. I’ve been at my goal weight for almost nine weeks now and couldn’t be happier. I down three sizes and back in a size 36 pant, which hasn’t happened since College in my 20’s, and I’ve lost two belt notches. I highly recommend this program to anyone who needs to lose weight. It’s nearly effortless. Just stay on the plan and you’ll hit your goal weight, and the best part, you’ll keep it off, too! Thank you, Dr. Aylor and NutriMost.

Bill M.
April 4, 2017