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Nutrimost is the ONLY program that has helped me reach and maintain my weight loss goals. I went through a series of health challenges which included breast cancer and a spinal fusion. Through multiple surgeries and treatments the weight piled on. I tried other programs like Weight Watchers only to lose 6lbs in 3 months- very frustrating. I felt there had to be something hormonal going on but as a breast cancer survivor I can not have hormone replacements- the fact that Nutrimost uses an all natural, HORMONE FREE approach to weight loss was what attracted me to the program. I successfully lost 33lbs but even more import… Dr. Johnson taught me how to maintain and live a healthy lifestyle that my whole family is benefitting from. Today I am healthier and feel amazing inside & out! I was very excited when Dr. Johnson asked me to join his team in 2016 as a Nutrimost Coach. Being able to help others achieve their health & weight loss goals is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The Nutrimost Wellness & Weight Loss Program was exactly what I needed to get my health and life back under my control.

Lisa G.
February 28, 2017