before I came to nutrimost I was weighing 387 lbs.. now I weigh 245 lbs.. that’s right!! I lost a total of 142 lbs., and I’m still keeping the weight down. trust me. I was very skeptical at one time. so, I joined nutrimost, anyway. boy,did my life change!! my health improved. I used to be on 10 different medications for : diabetes, high-blood pressure, neuroton; caused by diabetes. no more sleep apnea. I’m off the cpap machine. I have lots of energy. my work performance has improved on my job. I get bonuses for being productive. I still eat healthy. I love my new life. I promise you , you will have no regrets about joining nutrimost. the staff is very nice, professional & courteous, and flexible to everyone’s needs. you will have fun losing weight. in 6 months, or so, you will look back saying to your self : I did it!!! it really works!! that’s exactly what I said. if I can do it; so can you. remember! I’ve been where you are. please call & schedule an appointment. best wishes!! George.

George H. G.
March 7, 2017