Way over priced for the alleged “Doctor/medically” supervised program that it claims to be. The over $2000.00 cost only scratches the surface because you have to go out and purchase all of your own food at health food stores or stores that carry “organic” whole foods…extremely expensive! Also requires uncommon discipline to follow and stick with. Oh, and guess what…even if you do stick with it to the end and maybe loose up to “40 lbs.”….as soon as to go back to eating what most people would consider “normal” food….BANG! all that weigh that you worked so hard to loose and sacrificed so much for goes right back on!!! You can spend much le$$ with other programs and get the same or even better results. NutriMost is not made for 99% of people who are grounded in reality and is very much not worth it!!!

Sean M.
April 3, 2017