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I have struggled with my weight for years and nothing I did worked for me. I tried every diet program, every exercise program out there and each one failed me and left me feeling more hopeless than the last. Nutrimost is the only program that has ever helped me make the changes I’ve been longing to make for so long. I had given up hope and convinced myself that I was never going to look any different and that my body just wasn’t capable of losing weight. When I went to Nutrimost, I found out why. I learned about the problems with my metabolism, my thyroid and other hormones throwing off my ability to lose weight, and how the foods I’d been eating that I thought were healthy were actually working against me. By sticking to this plan I lost 32 pounds in just over a month and have a renewed faith that I can make the changes I want to make and that I won’t be alone doing it. Before Nutrimost, I hated how I looked and the person I’d become because of that. I hated getting dressed and looking in the mirror because it just made me want to crawl back into bed and be depressed. I felt so defeated about my battle with my weight that it was taking over every other aspect of my life and starting to affect everything around me – my job, my relationships, my every day happiness. This program gave me my life back by showing me there IS hope for people who have struggled with their weight the way I have.

Kelsey M.
April 10, 2017