I have always been able to maintain my weight until my 50’S. I had at that point, no problem gaining weight, despite my healthy eating, but all my tried and true methods to lose it were not working. I came to Nutrimost Long Beach New York via Dr. Joshua Siegel. I availed myself of his chiropractic treatment as I was in serious physical pain and he has been instrumental in the healing of my spine as well as my soul. I am forever in his debt. I completed my first round of the Nutrimost program in May of 2016 down 21 pounds. More importantly my blood pressure which had skyrocketed was back down to normal. I was able to easily mantain my weight loss with the constant availability and help of my health coaches Wendy Danca and Todd November who offered daily cheerleading and helpful tips. I just completed my second and final round of Nutrimost with an 18 pound loss to my goal weight. I will now be able to wear the dress of my dreams to my son’s wedding in September and look the way I always imagined I would. Wendy, Todd and Dr. Josh were committed to helping me reach my goals. If you are someone in the Long Beach New York area who has been committed to weight loss in the past but are struggling now or just want to detox and fine tune your healthy lifestyle, visit Nutrimost Long Beach New York today and get started on your own amazing journey to wellness today!

Meredith S.
March 13, 2017