My daughter has been overweight since she was 3 weeks old. It sounds hard to believe, but it is the truth. Her thyroid has been out of whack since she was born. She is an active young lady who enjoys swimming and diving for her school as well as doing track. I started noticing that even with all of this activity and eating healthy that she was not loosing anything. She was gaining muscle but you could not see because her body would not let go of the fat. This is when I knew there was a real problem with her body. Doctors would not take me seriously, no one believed me. no one listened, and my daughter and I were blamed for her body working against her. It wasn’t until we met Dr. Bowling, Eli, and Jessica that we knew there was an issue that could be helped with the miracle of science and the knowledge the staff gave us. They set my daughter on a path to help correct her body’s ability to burn it’s own fat and use what is was storing for energy. I could tell a difference immediately. Her body started to change and she became so much happier with her health. The numbers on the scale kept going down and my daughters clothes began to fit better. We were able to start buying a few smaller sizes because some of her clothes just became to large to stay on her! My daughter lost over 30 pounds, and she was praised for her efforts by the staff constantly. She was encouraged and helped every step of the way. She was never alone on her journey. Someone was always available even after office hours. My daughter walked away from this program knowing that if she ever needed to call for help and guidance the staff would still be there for her. I cannot praise the people at the Bloomington Indiana office enough. We feel like family now, and that we always have a place to come back to when we need them.

Misty C.
June 28, 2017