I have always struggled with weight issues all my life. Starvation diets and diet pills have shot my metabolism over the years. To the point even if I didn’t eat anything all day and I still didn’t lose any weight. I have heard about Nutrimost on the radio and started thinking about it. The thing they said about resetting my metabolism was the most important part of the program. So I decided to give it a try. I knew my metabolism was pretty bad but I didn’t know it was this bad. Basically I was in my mid 30s and I had a metabolism of a 78 year old. That was why it was so hard for me to lose weight. Starting on the program, you begin to lose weight every day when you weigh yourself every morning. It was such a surprise. Of course you hit days when you don’t lose any weight but the program tells you what to do when that happens. They thought of everything. The program is easy. The only difficult part is that you have to cook your own food every day until you figure out it is easier to just cook multiple meals over the weekend. I am now down around 40 lbs on the 60 day program (40 days and added another 20 days). The program not just helps you lose the weight but gives you the tools to maintain or lose more on your own if you want. I couldn’t be happier.

Jackson F.
May 24, 2017