I’d been trying to change my diet over the last 10 years by slowly buying more and more organic and fresh foods, less processed but I didn’t totally understand why I need to go full force until I started NutriMost! NOW I get it!!! It’s not only what you put IN YOUR BODY, it’s what you are exposing your body to. It’s been difficult, but things you work for are appreciated so much more. I’m losing consistently now and I haven’t been able to do that in 25-30 years. My weight always fluctuated down and up like a yoyo and always ended up with weighing more. With this, I just keep heading downward which is so gratifying. I’m not through yet……I have the tools now to eventually reach my final goal weight but, more importantly, my health has improved so much! Women, you can appreciate this…….Get this……NO MORE HOT FLASHES after about 15 years of experiencing them!!!! If that was the only result of NutriMost, I’d say, where do I sign up? Also, the fact that everyone is noticing that I’m much more cheerful, more energetic, and……..the weight loss has been unbelievable. Thank you NutriMost for literally guiding me to regaining my life back!!!

Linda G.
October 25, 2017