As I did with losing weight, I’ve procrastinated about doing this review but I really wanted to share my experience. Nutrimost and Dr. Jim Holland literally saved my life. I was obese, hypertensive, diabetic (should have been on insulin), depressed, suicidal, my mind in a fog, constantly tired, and often limited in mobility with numerous aches and pains. I heard a radio ad for Nutrimost at Holland Family Chiropractic and made an app’t to check it out. The program was so different from the multiple things I had tried throughout my life and I signed up to start 11/28/14. I admit there was some skepticism as it sounded too good to be true, but the journey was amazing!! I lost 40.5 lbs in my first round and was off my meds for BP and diabetes. On 5/28/15, six months to the day, I had lost 100 lbs! I went on to have a total loss of 133 lbs. My pcp no longer considers me diabetic with an AIC of 5.1 for over 2 years and my BP is in a good range. I went from someone who had to stop and rest walking down the halls at work, to participating in a 5K and exercising for well being and fun 6-7 days a week. I love the program because it’s individualized, you purchase and cook your own foods (nothing prepackaged), and any supplements your body needs are provided and are all natural, and IT WORKS!! Another bonus is that when life happens and a few pounds may come back I have been given the tools to quickly get those pounds off and am back on track. With savings from fewer doctor visits and lab work, decreased prescriptions, not taking antacids by the handful, not taking pills for pain, not spending large amounts of money on fast food type places or prepared foods and junk food at the store, the program has essentially paid for itself. Dr. Jim and his staff are FANTASTIC! I often say they are almost as excited about your success as you are! Dr. Jim knows what it’s like to do the program as he has done it himself. He has tremendous knowledge of the human body and all it’s functioning, and if he wasn’t aware of it before me, he is now well versed in the emotional side of weight issues, especially for women. I highly recommend Nutrimost to anyone who has had difficulty losing weight or has quickly regained the pounds lost, plus a few more, when any other program stops working for you. This is much more than a “diet”. It’s a way to get your body detoxed and aligned, lose pounds and inches, and develop a lifestyle of eating that can keep you feeling better physically, and definitely in my case, mentally!! You can know another bonus of going to Dr. Jim from his motto Never Quit. This applies to him doing what it takes to help you, even after you’ve finished the program, as well as not allowing you to quit on yourself either!!! He wants you to be the healthy person you were meant to be. I have been truly blessed to have heard that radio ad and walked in to that office and my new life!!! Come join me!!!

Susan C.
March 6, 2018