Weight loss in the past was super tough because I have no thyroid when it was removed 25 years ago because I had thyroid disease. As a result of no thyroid I always had a tough time losing weight and keeping it off. I tried Bead diet which was horrible to eat just dairy for two days and it made me sick, I tried Jenny Craig that was T.v dinners, i tried Weight watchers. None of them worked. I lost maybe 5 pounds and always gained it back. However, I tried Nutrimost and I lost 20 pounds. 20 pounds for me is a dream come true. What is unbelievable is I was never hungry during the 40 days and I ate real food like chicken, meat, seafood and vegetables and fruit. No shakes and no pre-packaged foods. Dr. Johnson and the staff are so helpful and answer every text messages any time I had a question. The best part is Dr. Johnson and Lisa go over Nutrimost maintenance thoroughly and it works. It’s the best weight loss program I ever did and now I am doing a second program to lose more weight. I highly recommend Nutrimost for anyone who wants to get healthy and lose weight at the same time.

Virginia M.
February 27, 2017