I have been on Nutrimost before. In 2015 I was at a cross roads—what can I DO to finally find a program that will work for me. I found it in the Nutrimost Process. I am returning because I had gone through some health issues and my metabolism slowed. Now, I’m back in a positive forward movement to not only loose the weight I need, but to get back to a “DIS-Ease Free” state. My blood pressure is getting better; my sleep is getting better and I actually got into one of my favorite pair of jeans today…..and I’m only on DAY 13!! I have true confidence that my whole life picture is changing for the better. At almost 69 years of age, I want to see my grandchildren grow and be an integral part of their lives. I CAN do this, by getting and staying healthy.

Darlene S.
April 3, 2017