Achy joint daily naps and a hatred of stairs i assumed were normal for someone 60 plus .Than at a Dr.’s apt for a totally unrelated problem or so I thought i walked out with all the information plus the name of a surgeon for a gastric bypass i thought not going to happen My next thought was what diet was i going to try again? Was I just going to drink my meals maybe i should try the T.V. dinner diet where it is all premade for you and taste like cardboard no i quess its weight….. where you get applauded for losing .2 lbs after starving all week and than I remember hearing about the Wellness Center of Nanuet and i though what the heck i had tried so many diets i forgot what was right or wrong .I went for my consultation and joined walking out I thought this is scary but with the wonder help and support of Dr. Johnson and his staff it has bee life changing. Dr. Johnson is supportive and informative and always available . There is no room for cheating but afater day 3 or so i wasn’t hungry and it became a challenge to eat healthy and clean. Never really feeling the need to cheat I just followed the program exactly and the meetings with Dr. Johnson always gave me a tidbit of new infor Being a Diabetic i watched my morning blood sugars go from a scary 190 or so down to 100-110 and i am looking forward to stopping my diabetic medication in the future after the initial 40 days i had lost 35 pounds and now at day 31 of phase 4 I have lost 40 lbs i do have to do another round to finish my wgt loss but believe it or not i am looking forward to it. Eating clean and healthy has almost become second nature. My thanks to Dr. Johnson and her wonderful staff This diet is life changing but you must follow it with no cheating and i promise you it works and i feel terrific I highly recommend Nanuet Wellness and Weight loss Center you wont be disappointed

Cynthia B.
November 29, 2018