I started this program on March 1 ,2017. This program has truly changed my life. I first heard about it on MoJo in the Morning on 95.5 Detroit radio. I immediately decided I wanted to try this program.I had been at a stand still on my weight for a couple of years and decided that I needed a change (other weight loss plans just work working). When I started the program I strictly focused on the plan right from the beginning. I saw weight loss on the scale and I continue to shed more lbs as the months went by. I am beyond happy with this program. I have never felt healthier and happier. My friends see the weight loss and notice it in my face, as well as my skin looks very healthy! I would highly recommend this program. The support from Dr. Stanley and his staff is AMAZING!!! (Thank you so much Merika and Molly!!!!! ) It has been well worth the money spent.

Jan J.
May 24, 2017