I am currently on my second round of Nutrimost and am loving my experience! I always was the chubby girl growing up and it took me a while to admit to myself I need a lifestyle change. My first round went great, so I decided to do a second one, a year later. I wanted to do the second round, because I am getting married this year and I thought why not shed a few pounds. Now, I bought a larger wedding dress just to be safe, a size 16. What I didn’t realize is just how much weight and inches I would shed this round. Not only am I down 30 lbs, but I have to return my wedding dress for a size 12. A size 12! I haven’t worn that size for close to 10 years. I want to thank Nurtrimost Montgomery County in East Norriton so much for helping me with my journey, and I’m not even finished my second round. The entire staff is so supportive and understanding. If you are considering Nutrimost, go visit Dr. Ben and the crew! If I can fit into that size 12, so can you!

Jill W.
March 29, 2017