NutriMost is an incredible program. I was impressed by the science behind the method to this plan. Nutrimost has refined technology to be able perform a screening of your body and the outcome is an awareness of the various aspects of what is really happening inside of you and what needs to be addressed to be able to lose weight. It was designed specifically for me. Tailored to my specific needs. That was the part that made we move forward with their Wellness Plan. As long as you are ready to do what it takes to finally lose your weight, this is the plan for you. The design is specifically for you and it is easy to follow. The weight starts falling off you immediately. It is a plan of eating REAL food. That made me happy because I knew I was doing good things for my body and health. I was not hungry on the plan and it is so well laid out that keeping track of the program required very little effort. I thought I knew a lot about food. This program took my food knowledge to an even higher level. I was extremely impressed. The Staff has your back the entire journey and are there to cheer you on. Each week they tweak your plan to set you up for continued success. I lost 30 pounds in 40 days and I have never felt better. My energy is sky high and my mind is crystal clear…no brain fog. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this program. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has been struggling with weight issues and is ready to have a chance at healthy for rest of their lives. My goal has been to live well into my 90’s and be healthy. I have a real chance of accomplishing that now that NutriMost is a part of my life. Donna C. NutriMost Wilmington, NC

Donna C.
March 22, 2017