I am so pleased with the Nutrimost program. This is my second time doing the program. The first time I didn’t take it as serious but I still lost 22 pounds and was happy. Like so many others I got careless and didn’t get it. That is why I would only go back to the program. The doctors and staff are so great not only are they very supportive and a great help you can feel it from them and it is genuine. This time I get it, they are there to get your best of yourself. Love that about them. I lost 28 pounds in the 40 day program but I am still with them because I am not where I want to be and they are helping me to do that. As of today I am down 48 pounds and counting. My goal is another 25 and I have no doubt that we will get there and after I am there I have no doubt that they will help me to maintain and stay there. If you really want to see for yourself how great you look get out of your usual surroundings and look in the mirror, last month when I had to travel out of town for my brother’s going home service I stayed in a hotel for the first time since I been on the program I really got a look at myself (different surroundings) and I was blown away about how much I had lost. All I could say was Thank you Dr. Leon and Dr. B and everyone GREAT JOB!!! WE DID IT!! I will tell anyone about the system and the great people at the Boardman office.

Jackie T.
July 23, 2018