First I want to say this is my second time in trying this program. The first time was a few years back and I lasted alittle over a week. At that time I felt I had no support with the company itself. So with looking at this again I thought “my gosh girl your crazy” With not having a good experience and the money that I paid, SMH. But then made the decision to go up and talk about it. I walk into the Lancaster office and when I left I was starting the program that next week. My coach is Wanda. She really has your back doing this program. There was hugs,tears,and high 5’s. She was always there. Its a very hard and you must be dedicated to it. I’m always early to my appointments and I would sit there and listen to her with the other clients and think WOW she is so genuine. I started this the beginning of December and it now march 20th and Iam down 29lbs. I couldn’t have done it without her.

Tamra J.
March 29, 2017