Dorlac A Before


Dorlac A After


Almost a year ago, I was turning 66 and 45 lbs. over my post-high school weight, 15 lbs. more than even when I was ready to deliver twins. Nothing that had worked in the past was making any difference; I just kept eating and dieting and gaining and couldn’t stop. Then I saw an interview on TV with Dr. Bryan Deloney about the Nutrimost program. I called his office to make an appointment, and everything he said made so much sense. So I signed up and decided to give it all I had to make it work. Results were immediate and it encouraged me to keep to the plan with the help of my coaches Erin and Stacy and the online support group. Long story short, I lost 30 lbs., got all my numbers in normal ranges, and took 25 years off my metabolic age. At 66, I feel and look great, but most of all I am so much healthier and know how to keep it that way. On a recent trip to California for my niece’s wedding, the picture at the beach in Malibu is worth a thousand words!

Dorlac A.
November 6, 2017