You have to be serious about losing weight and being healthy for this lifestyle change because it WILL work if you work it. My coach in Naples, FL continually told me that “failure is not an option” and “that she would get me to my goal” – and she was telling the truth! At first, my body didn’t catch on to the changes it was experiencing on Nutrimost so weight loss was slow but I persevered. With the compassion, knowledge and support of an endearing, encouraging, caring coach who was available to me 24/7, I did achieve my goal weight while feeling better than I have in a long time – not only better because my body image changed but, more importantly, my health improved. On Nutrimost I was able to reduce the variety, dosage and number of medications I had been taking. Now, with less meds and less weight, I have renewed energy and stamina, sleep sounder and enjoy hitting the scale first thing every morning. Nutrimost is designed to the meet the unique needs of each individual as well as an education all wrapped into one. I have learned the foods that will trigger my weight gain and have a daily caloric intake to keep me healthy and satisfied. Kudos to Nutrimost! Signing up was one of the smartest decisions of my life. It is a practical lifestyle change I can live with.

Marie T.
May 9, 2017