After a Physical and a somewhat concerned report from the doctor and a reveling revaluation that I was a candidate for a heart attack due to being morbidly overweight I looked for a quick but effective solution to regaining my health. I had heard about Dr. Johnson and the NutriMost Wellness and weight loss center in Nanuet N.Y. (NutiMost) on the radio many times so I decided to check it out. I heard all the acclaims but like anything else I was skeptical, however I decided to give it a try. I went in for a conciliation. and was convinced this was the way to go. The evaluation was easy and the sophisticated equipment quickly assessed and indicated that my hormonal balance was not aliened with my physiology. Dr. Johnson calculated the plant based supplements that I needed to work in conjunction with a low calorie Protein & vegetable centered diet along with a zero Carb, Grain, Flour, Wheat. The Staff at NutriMost is attentive friendly supportive and sensitive to the needs of their clients/patients. With continuing and ongoing Coaching the course of my journey to health is for the most part easy and informative. Along the way I have learned how food and reacts with my metabolism, and learned how to sustain and maintain my goals. In In the short 40 days since the time I started I lost 38 Lbs and and 70 Lbs total so far. In short this system works!!!!!

Al R.
March 2, 2017