After meeting with Dr. John Capriglione I knew that I made the right decision for me. My initial weight was 250 lbs and within 40 days I had lost 30 pounds! The keys for me were the structure and support. This program gives you the tools to succeed by providing a step by step guide with great recipes that help retrain you on how to eat properly. But for me the most important part of the program was the support that I received from Dr. John. He called me several times a week to check in with me, and help me through whatever struggles I might have been dealing with. He never judged me, just gave me that positive reinforcement that I needed to help get me over a few humps. This plan teaches you to understand that food is fuel and that cooking can be fun when you feel good about what you are eating. My job requires me to travel and eat out quite a bit so I was concerned that I would not be able to eat well during my travels. That was not the case at all. What I found was that I am the customer and the restaurants were more than willing to prepare my meals to my liking. I can’t thank Dr. John and NutriMost enough for helping me become healthy again. I am a father of four young and active children and my wife is very active as well. Now we are active as a family and are closer than ever. Eating healthy and being active has just set such a positive example for our children, which makes us very proud. I know that I did not do this just for me….. I did it for my family as well. So thank you again Dr. John and I know we will stay in touch! Forever Grateful, Anthony

Anthony M.
October 25, 2017