I had sunken to not wearing pajamas all day, to avoiding going out because none of my clothes fit anymore. I was spiraling into deep sadness because I couldnt participate in life anymore and I was trying to lose weight with exercise and diet and NOTHING was helping. I was only getting fatter and felt hopeless and frightened. A friend told me about Nutrimost in 2/15 and gave me back my life. Within ten days i had better results than I had had in YEARS of personal trainers and diet coaches. Fat MELTED off me in the first round and I was hooked. Three rounds later I am down EIGHTY pounds and my life is completely changed. I gave up a terrible diet coke habit that plagued me for almost twenty years, I no longer craved junky foods..instead I crave apples and other amazing natural foods. A whole new world of foods and cooking opened up to me and my family, I am no longer on asthma meds, havent had a headache in two years, have tons of energy and LOVE the body i live in. I went from a size 12/14 to 0/2 and more than that, I am completely present in my life now, I love going out and feel so accomplished. The program is not without critics..it DOES take a lot of discipline and isnt cheap..but what is your health worth? Id pay double for all it gave me in such a short time. Dont make excuses, its JUST 40 days and what you will get in 40 days is WORTH IT a million times over. Thank you Nutrimost for giving me my life back!

Christine G.
March 2, 2017