I decided to do the NutriMost Program in May of 2017 after I got sick of seeing the scale increasing every day. I thought I ate a fairly healthy diet beforehand, but I worked so hard to diet and train in the gym and it seemed like I couldn’t lose any weight no matter how hard I tried. I switched from a vegetarian diet to eating meat again, thinking I was taking in too many carbs. I attempted eating paleo, whole 30, eating “clean”, tracking macros etc. Nothing seemed to work. Not even my hour long weightlifting sessions made any difference in the number I saw on the scale. I lost 9lbs in 12 days on the Nutrimost Program and I am very happy with my results. Not only was I excited to step on the scale each morning when I was in phase 2 of the program, but my digestion felt 100% better and I felt like I had ample amounts of energy. I had no trouble sleeping at night, and was able to get deep restful sleep. The Nutrimost program gave my body the reset it was desperately looking for. This program is unlike any other program out there because it combines the benefits of a whole body cleanse along with a ketogenic diet to give you the most bang for your buck. The body has the ability to detox and balance itself out, while also getting into ketosis to provide maximum fat burning. The foods on the approved list are easy to find and prepare, and the program is completely transparent. No hidden gimmicks etc.

Jennifer W.
August 18, 2017