I have tried everything prior to NM! On 1 round I lost 52 lbs, and an additional 10 lbs. in Phase 5. I feel I have truly learned how to eat healthy. I had been taking Aleve daily for years for Fibromyalgia pain, since starting on the program, I haven’t taken any OTC pain meds at all (6 months). The first week on the program was tough, I felt like I had the flu; but pushing past that detox that my body went through, was the best thing I could possibly do for myself. I still have about 20 lbs. I would like to shed, and I am doing it slowly by eating Phase 2 foods and cutting Phase 4 calories by about 10-15%. This program is amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone who truly has a burning desire to get their health back!

Christine O.
March 10, 2017