I can’t say that I’ve ever truly struggled with my weight; however, being healthy and having a healthy mindset about food is something I’ve struggled with for years, as did my mother, her mother, and almost every other female in my family. I have done unhealthy diets that consisted of putting my body in starvation mode, which is why I was skeptical about NutriMost at first. As I learned about the program, I realized it is so much different!! I was not hungry on this program, my cravings disappeared, and I noticed the trouble spots I did have melting away! The best part of the whole thing tho? I am 31 and have been unable to become pregnant. Immediately after finishing this program I found out I was expecting! I truly believe that the wellness and rebalancing aspect of this program is what helped me achieve this and I am forever grateful!! Thanks to NutriMost and the healthy life it has given me I am expecting a bundle of joy this October and couldn’t be more ecstatic! I will continue to have a healthy pregnancy using all the tools I learned while on this program and from the great staff at NutriMost Cincy! They are truly one of a kind. While I didn’t have much to lose, I certainly had a lot to gain and recommend this program to anyone trying to live a healthier, higher quality of life.

Amy T.
April 28, 2017