After 50 plus years of working in the public, I had to retire to become my husbands caregiver in 2014. He had a disease had to be rehabilitated because of his weak body and mental state. After the rehab recovery he could no longer stay home by himself. He worked at a bakery for 20 years as his last job before the disease caused him to retire. After a few years of bad eating habits of daily consumption of sugar, bread, and starches we both became over weight. He passed away in 2016. With 50 years of marriage I became very depressed after his passing and I put on even more weight. I reached 195 lbs. and became a borderline diabetic. I decided I had to take a drastic change for my health, prayed about it and then found out about NutriMost from a local women’s magazine. I told my daughter about the program who also became overweight with several serious health problems. We went for a consultation and made the decision to begin the program. The results for both of us was phenomenal! My weight today is down to 159 and I’m in my last weight loss phase with the plan. I have done almost every well know diet program out there including taking weight loss drugs. This program is the most dynamic system I’ve ever been on and with no drugs being completely safe and healthy. The first week was the toughest for me. However with the fast dropping of fat pounds in the first few days you are shocked at the scale going down every morning and become so motivated you wouldn’t dare stop. I can’t praise this program enough, I can only say you must try it to believe it! Again it is Phenomenal! The Bowling Green, KY NutriMost staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to work with. They cheer you on and want you to succeed. They are the best!

Jackie E.
April 20, 2017