Deb B Before


Deb B After


I have completed 4 rounds of the NutriMost program since February 2016 and am currently in my 5th. In the first 4 rounds, I lost right at 100 pounds, but more than that, I got my life back. I had just turned 40 and was living a miserable life of being overweight, exhausted, depressed. I fought anxiety on a daily basis and everything hurt. Getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle, but I knew I had to keep going for my daughters. There were days when I thought about ending it all, and had everything planned in the back of my mind. For many months, on the drive to and from work, I had heard commercial’s for NutriMost on the radio. But one day I REALLY heard it for the first time. As soon as I got home, I spent the entire night reading and watching everything I could find on the program. And I found a little hope. I called Dr. Drake’s office in Wichita, KS, the next day and made the appointment for my initial consultation. I signed up for that first round not knowing what would happen, but I was skeptically optimistic. The more I learned about Dr. Ray’s research and the science behind the program, and as the weight started to drop off, the less skeptical I became. In my first 40 days, I lost 32 pounds. I no longer dread getting out of bed. My body doesn’t hurt with every movement. And my head is clear of anxiety and thoughts of suicide. What’s the best part about NutriMost? Everything! You eat real food from sources that have been found to be best for your body. You get personalized supplementation. You are treated like a person, not a number on the scale or a number on a chart. And they don’t kick you out the door once you’ve reached your goal or the end of the program. They understand that maintaining your results (and your new-found health) is just as important as reaching your goals in the first place.

Deb B.
January 24, 2018