Expensive, Scared, Determined, but I’ve been there before with other programs. Dr. Redmond met with me first, explained my expense, and reasoning behind vitamins I’d be taking! In Cincinnati we have a very strong talk radio station and they talked soo positively about Dr Redmond ‘That I had to take a chance!’ Figured I’d fail so told no one!! Ha!! Who is slim and trim at 62 and in a 2 piece in Fla!! Had I not done Nutramost I’d still be 24 lbs over weight or more!! In a little over 6 weeks I lost those 24 lbs!! This is so Big and Great!! My friends who didn’t do program are still over weight!! I’m a waitress so it took me awhile to save the Money, but I did and PAID in cash cause it meant so much to me to do program! All truth!!

Carol S.
February 23, 2017