My journey with the Nutrimost program began in May of 2015 under the care and watchful eyes of my doctors Brandon & Chantelle Crouch in their Bowling Green, Ky. office, at 62 yrs. of age I thought I would always be saddled with a “fat” belly, Dr. Crouch explained to me that if I was willing to change eating habits and follow the Nutrimost program as suggested that I too could become a winner in the battle of the bulge. When I started the program I weighed 219 lbs. on a 6′ 1″ frame, at the end of 40 days I was down to 184 lbs. with a metabolic age of 38 yrs., I felt great! I could now move around, exercise, etc. without getting out of breath, I’ve learned to eat properly to maintain my desired goal weight, and I am so proud of the way I look in my new slimmer clothes, Oh did I mention the “fat” belly was gone! It is now almost 2 yrs. later and I still fit in those used slimmer clothes, I still follow the principles set out in the program and on occasion when those clothes get a little tight I have the tools to work with to get back to where I want to be. THANK YOU to doctors Brandon & Chantelle Crouch & the NUTRIMOST program for allowing me to find a healthier life style! Yours truly, Ken E., Bowling Green, Ky.

Ken E.
March 24, 2017