Oh my where to start… I started this because I had some health issues to begin with and wasn’t feeling like myself. Come to find out I had horrible toxins in my body and I wasn’t holding water in to get minerals. Well, long story short my “plumbing” is fixed and lost significant weight on top of it. I cant say enough good about the Cincinnati location and they are truly there to help. I had plantar fasciitis and that is now gone. Had lower back issues and that is gone and I feel absolutely so much better than when I first walked into their doors! I think they know my ring!! This does work but it takes commitment and following the program exactly… I did this for health reasons and lost weight on top of it.. I’m not done yet so after the first of the year I’m going back for another round then there is no reason why I wouldn’t do the forever program… Many thanks to the Dr. and the girls for their help and dedication to make this so successful for each individual person!!

Mindy B.
February 22, 2017