Seasonal Allergies

Are You Suffering with Ragweed and Fall Allergies

People believe that Goldenrod is the main cause of fall seasonal allergies and hay fever; however, recent studies have concluded that Ragweed and mold is what causes most allergies in the September and October.  Goldenrod’s pollen is heavy and sticky and needs to be transferred by bees versus ragweed pollen, which is wind pollinated.

A drug free solution to reducing allergies is to reduce exposure to substances that contribute to overall allergy symptoms.  Did you know there is an association between pollen allergies, fruits and vegetables?  Certain fruits and vegetables contain the same protein found in pollens called “profilins.”  When someone eats fruits or vegetables that contain “profilins,” the body’s immune system responds as if the person inhaled or ingested tree, grass or weed pollens.  For instance, if a person has ragweed allergies, they should avoid contact with cantaloupes, bananas, sunflower seeds, cucumbers and zucchini.  The same goes for grass pollen, which is related to peaches, celery, tomato, melons and oranges.   No wonder people’s allergies are bad in the fall… that’s when we eat more of these foods.

A person does not need to eat the specific foods above to get allergic symptoms because products like drinks, suntan lotions, and creams can contain the allergic substances.  For example beer contains hops, which is closely related to pollen proteins.  People who have hay fever may actually get worse after drinking beer (the darker the beer the worse the reaction) because they increase the total load on the system.

How can you eliminate allergies naturally?  The BAX 3000 cold laser is a highly effective treatment that sends digital frequencies of Ragweed and other substances to specific points of the body to help re-condition the body to no longer perceive substances as harmful, thus preventing the immune system from causing symptoms.  I’ve had patients improve in two visits and as long as 15-20 visits.  It all depends upon how many things cause a neurological stress response.  If something you eat, drink, breathe in or rub on your skin causes a stress response to the immune system, then we can treat it.  The laser works on a total load principle, which means one substance might cause a total load response or maybe it takes eating dairy products, dust mites and ragweed combined to cause a stress response leading to allergies or autoimmune responses.  We treat the person based upon both the history and what the tests pick up.  The cold laser uses 21st century technology and is safe, effective and causes no side effects.  It works on both adults and children.  If you’re tired of taking medications then try this approach.