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Dr. William Johnson, B.S., D.C.Writes for the Rockland Review newspaper

Is your diet causing upset stomach, itchy skin and dermatitis…Try This?

Gene is a 78 year old male who had been suffering from dermatitis, rashes and constant itchy skin for the past ten years: “My doctor told me all tests were negative, except for having a gluten (wheat) allergy and diagnosed me with Dermatitis herpetiformis.  He told me to stay away from wheat and prescribed creams to help with my horrible  itch rash.  I avoided wheat but the itching never went away.  Frustrated and itchy, I tried the BAX 3000 laser and after 11 treatments, I am happy to report that I have been itch and rash free for the past 10 days.”

The medical treatment for Dermatitis herpetiformis is the antibiotic Dapsome, but it rarely works because dermatitis herpetiformis is frequently linked to gluten sensitivity.

Gene was under the impression he had to avoid only wheat, but I told him gluten was also found in barley, rye, and oats.   Also, gluten allergy sufferers could also be sensitive to wheat lectin proteins which like gluten can also be found in baking soda, corn meal, gelatin (gummy bears), flax, peanuts, soy, chick peas, lecithin, corn, rice, quinoa and other processed foods.  These proteins can also be found in dairy products, especiallywhen cows are fed grains instead of grass.  Some night shade foods such as potato, tomato, eggplant and pepper contain lectins.An allergy is an inappropriate response to a normal substance and in Gene’s case, his immune system over reacted to wheat (gluten) proteins causing his rashes and itchy skin. Other gluten sufferers experience eczema, digestive problems, hair loss, anxiety, swelling, intestinal and joint inflammation, just to name a few.

If you have a gluten allergy, I recommend an elimination diet of the above foods for three weeks.  I also recommend the BAX 3000 laser therapy to help eliminate your problem. The laser helps to recondition the nerve system to no longer react inappropriately to wheat or other foods.  The laser changes and individual’s association of the substance from “bad” to “normal” and allows the patient to eat wheat without causing an immune system response

We do not treat allergies, medications treat symptoms of allergies. We treat the patient who has the condition, not the condition of the patient.   The BAX 3000 houses 65,000+ substances in the form of digital frequencies that are sent to specific meridian points of the body through a laser to train the nerve system to no longer react incorrectly to the frequency of that substance. It works!  Watch our testimonials

Star Trek Technology for Ragweed, Peanut and Allergy sufferers

I’m happy to announce amazing new results for peanut and ragweed allergy sufferers.  Edward W. from Pearl River suffered for years with horrible ragweed allergies; he reported that every September the pollen caused him to have constant runny noses and swollen eyes for weeks.  In August, he decided to try the BAX 3000 laser because he was sick of taking medications and now he’s happy to announce that this was the first fall season that he got no allergy symptoms at all.

In July 2009, Evan, 46, was successfully treated for shingles and after only three laser treatments, his severe pain and itching was eliminated.  Since the BAX 3000 worked so well for his shingles, he decided to continue treatment in the hope that it would eliminate his peanut allergy.  I’m glad to say that after 11 laser treatments, he told us that he ate a peanut on October 22, 2009 and did not get any allergic reactions.  Just five months before, when he ate a peanut his face and tongue became swollen as well as his hands. He is astonished on how well the laser works and states: “I’m so happy I listened to my friend Susan from Piermont and gave this new technology a shot.  It really works.”

It’s hard to imagine how sending frequencies through a red light helps eliminate people’s problems related to allergies and food sensitivities, but this new technology is working for many patients suffering with allergies.

How does it work?  Every substance has a specific frequency that makes it unique to other substances.  An allergy is an inappropriate reaction to a substance and for whatever reason; people who suffer from allergies over react to that substance, producing an immune system response.  Today’s computer laser technology makes it possible to send for example a peanut or milk frequency into specific points of the body where it becomes reconditioned to no longer perceive the substance as “harmful”.

We are not focusing on the symptoms of allergies but on the cause. Medications treat symptoms.  We treat the patient who has the condition, not the condition of the patient. This laser technology is a Neurological stress reduction therapy that works to reduce stress off the nerve system associated with particular substances.  Less stress makes for an overall healthier body, which result in fewer or no symptoms.  There are no guarantees but many patients are reporting the elimination of their problems.

If you are suffering from chronic allergies, call for a consultation.

Are you Gluten intolerant or Celiac?

A patient came to me suffering from abdominal cramping, bloating, constipation, joint pain, chronic fatigue, mild eczema, itchy skin, unexplainable anxiety and periodic asthma like symptoms.  She explained: “my medical doctor did blood tests to rule in or out an underlying disease but everything came back negative; he prescribed medication to help deal with my symptoms.”  The first thing I always tell my patients is: “We do not treat symptoms, medications treat symptoms.  We do not treat the condition of the patient but treat the patient who has the condition.  In other words we address the cause of the problem.”

Based upon a thorough history, I asked if she had a gluten allergy, but stated that the test was negative for celiac disease.  I told her that although  her test was negative for Celiac, gluten allergy tests only pick up a small percentage (0.5) of Gluten-sensitive people who are Celiac, but misses the Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitive (NCGS), which could be as many as 15% of the people.  In other words, you’re not “allergic” but “sensitive”.  The most effective way to identify NCGS is to do an elimination diet or try the BAX 3000 laser in order to see if symptoms disappear.

Celiac disease (CD), also known as gluten-sensitive, is an autoimmune disorder (the immune system attacks itself for a reason not identified) that can affect both children and adults.  A person sensitive or allergic to wheat (gluten) will promote an inappropriate immune system response every time they digest a food that contains gluten, gliadin, lectins proteins.      The most offending proteins are called gluten and are found in wheat, barley, rye, and oats but be careful because eating foods that contain baking soda, corn syrup, rice syrup, brown rice, millet, corn, rye, peanut, soy, chick peas, lecithin might aggravate people with gluten sensitivities. (cross reactive)

I recommended to this patient an elimination diet for two weeks, while at the same time to be treated with Bax 3000 laser.  The laser helps to recondition the patients nerve system to no longer react inappropriately to wheat.  The laser changes the persons association of the substance from “bad” to “normal” and this allows the patient to eat wheat without causing symptoms.    After two weeks on the elimination diet, she reported that all the cramping, joint pain, itching and breathing problems diminished 80%.   So, I knew she reacted to gluten.   She then reported after 12 laser treatments that she no longer had any of the above symptoms.  She felt great.  I then told her to test the laser treatment by eating grain and let us know if the symptoms returned.   She began eating pasta, bread and other types of grain and she has remained symptom free for the last two months.  The laser treatments worked and now she can eat wheat without any problems.

If you suffer from a celiac or wheat sensitivity and would like to try a drug free approach to eliminating your condition call today.

Good-bye Migraine Headache 

In the United States 29.5 million people suffer from migraine headaches, with women being affected three times more often than men.  Migraines are thought to occur when blood vessels in the brain dilate.  The Brain tissue does not feel pain, however, other tissues in and around the brain can feel it, like the nerves that supply the muscles of the scalp and tissues of the skull.

There can two main causes for Migraine Headaches.  The first one is a misaligned vertebraereversal of a neck curve, and/or poor posture, which could irritate a nerve in the spine causing a headache.  Vincent reported, “I had migraine headaches at least once a week, which were accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances that forced me to lay down in a dark, quiet room.  I took medication, tried physical therapy and chiropractic but nothing helped.  I read about Advance Chiropractic success with headaches and decided to give it a try.  Based on my x-rays, Dr. Johnson recommended doing specific adjustments, postural exercises and extension-compression postural traction.  The other chiropractor did not try traction.  After 6 weeks, my migraines disappeared.”  Vincent’s headaches were a neurological overload caused from a reverse neck curvature, further aggravated by physical, mental and chemical stress.

A person’s headache could also be caused from a delayed allergic reaction to something he/she eats, drinks, breath in or put on their skin.   Common culprits that cause migraines are sulfites, a preservative used by the fast food industry.   Other culprits are corn derivatives, food dyes, which can be found in processed food, some toiletries and some cosmetics.  Tyramine is another common trigger for headaches.  This substance is naturally seen in banana, bass, bean (soy), beef, beer, cheese, aged cheese, chicken cocoa, chocolate, egg, oyster, pea, plum, pork, sweet potato, prune, raisin, spinach, tomato, walnut, and yeast.

Being allergic can put the body into a stress response, causing inflammation, fluid retention, blood vessel dilation, insulin resistance, muscle pain or an immune system response.  A migraine can be triggered by almost anything, if your body perceives that substance as “foreign and harmful”.  One patient’s migraine was caused from being allergic to the smell of garlic in cooking.   Another one’s was caused from egg whites.

If you suffer from headaches and do not know the cause, you are invited to be examined structurally and also be tested with the Bioallergenix BAX 3000 laser computerized system to find out what your nerve system reacts inappropriately to.

Red dyes and food colorings 

On May 2009, Popular Science magazine published an article named “Eat your Insects”, “Strawberry yogurt, maraschino cherries and fake crabmeat all share an odd ingredient, their red dye comes from crushed female cochineal beetles.  Consumer advocates argue that companies should include the ingredient on food labels because of rare, yet potentially fatal, allergic reactions.  The FDA currently classifies the bug extracts as “artificial color” on food labels, but its new ruling requires companies to list the insect by name beginning in 2011.”  Red dye, yellow dye or some other chemical or preservative in our foods or beverages could cause fatal reactions but more then likely it will cause a delayed allergic reaction leading to headaches, irritable bowel, sinusitis, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Obsessive compulsive disorders, chronic fatigue, fibro-myalgia, etc. Make sure to check labels on foods and if you cannot pronounce it, then avoid it.     Very often I hear, “doctor I am allergic to cats,”  “I am allergic to milk,” “I am allergic to peanuts.”  But in reality you could be allergic to the cat litter, cat food or cat urine.  As for the milk, you could be allergic to bovine growth hormone or antibiotics, or even the pesticides on peanuts.  With a detailed history and the Bax 3000, I am able to identify what substances your nerve system is reacting inappropriately to.  This is done by hooking clips to your middle fingers to monitor your nerve system reactions to digital frequencies of known substances.  The BAX 3000 houses over 70,000 substances in its database, so if your problem is caused by something you eat, drink, rub on your skin or breath, this technology will detect them.  I do not treat the symptoms of allergies, but rather the cause.  Drugs, shots and creams treat allergies.  I treat the nerve system’s inappropriate response to normal substances with bio-energetic healing, which is a computerized laser treatment that reconditions the nerve system to no longer perceive substances as “harmful.”  Patients report that after being treated with the BAX 3000, their wheat, dairy, and peanut allergies were completely gone.

What is an allergy?  An allergy is your nerve system’s inappropriate response to a normal substance.  If one person ate a strawberry and developed a rash, we would say that he or she is allergic to strawberries.  If everyone ate strawberry and got a rash, we would say strawberries are a poison.  But why does one person become allergic to strawberries or peanuts or pollen yet another person gets no reactions at all?  Because they had an inappropriate response to a normal substance.

How did the body get an allergy?
The autonomic nerve system (ANS) is designed to keep you alive.   A person cannot kill themselves by holding their breath.  Your ANS would force you to breath.    It does it automatically.  It keeps you alive and does not respond to reason.    Again allergic reactions are due to your autonomic nerve system   perceiving a normal substance as harmful.  Most likely it because it associated that substance with trauma or event.  Like hearing a song and getting a reaction.    The ANS associates a trauma with some thing you ate, drank, rubbed on your skin or breathed in.    Essentially, an allergy is your autonomic nerve system running a bad program.    Let’s say for instance, a red head mugged you.   What would happen every time in the future when you ran into a red head?  Most likely you would react negatively.  Your nerve system remembers stressful moment and reacts accordingly.   If you have an allergy, most likely the same thing happened to you.  Egg and dairy are the two most common substances to cause allergic reactions.   One possible cause but not limited to of course can be the trauma of a shot.  Egg is substrate for vaccinations.  Getting a shot is traumatic.  In the case of egg, the child’s autonomic nerve system remembers egg as “bad” instead of the needle and now every time he/she eats an egg, they get an abnormal reaction.   There are thousands of possibilities for possible reasons a person becomes allergic but ultimately it was some type of stress and the nerve system associated the stress with a normal substance.  At that point the nerve system can either activate the IgE’s, giving you an immediate allergic reaction.  Or it can activate some other part of the immune system such as IgG’s.  If that is the case, you might not correlate the egg to your allergic response or symptom.  Because IgG allergic responses occur one to three days later.   If you have an unexplainable allergy like eczema, migraine headaches, a rash, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, asthma, bloated abdomen, fibromyalgia, etc.  Then you might have an IgG reaction.  Allergist checks you for IgE’s.  Oops, they forgot to tell you that their tests don’t check IgG’s.

What makes more sense, treating the rash or symptom with drugs or treating the cause of the problem?  In our office, we do not treat symptoms of allergies.   We treat the cause of your allergies.  We do not treat the rash or the IgG or the blood. We re-educate and balance the nerve system with a special technique called the Bax 3000.  This computerized Bax system can identify what substances cause your ANS to have a reaction.   Once the substances are identified, the treatment uses a laser to transfer a homeopathic dose of the digital signal to the patient via the EAV allergy meridian. This produces endorphins and this re-trains the nerve system to change the association of the known substance from “bad” to “normal”.  All we are doing is telling the nerve system that the frequency of the known substance is o.k.  Once that happens, you do not get an inappropriate response again. The treatment is FDA cleared and safe.  And it works.   If you are suffering and you would like a consultation to understand how the Bax 3000 specifically works call 845-623-0026.

Vibrational Medicine for Treatment of Spring Time Allergies that works!

People are asking: How does the BAX 3000 laser help eliminate allergies and does it work? Yes, it does work.

The New Technology called Bax 3000 computerized laser system is Vibrational Medicine, which helps remove stress from the body associated with known allergens (frequencies) and patients feel better. We are not treating the symptom of allergies.  Drugs treat symptoms. We treat the patient who has the condition.  An allergy is an inappropriate response to a normal substance.   With allergies, your autonomic nervous system is being stressed out by something and for every action, there is a reaction. And the reaction is an immune response and symptoms.

Let’s say you’re in love with your spouse and due to jealousy you get a divorce. Now every time you see each other you get an emotional autonomic nerve system response which could cause hives, high blood pressure, anxiety, anger, etc.  Over time you become friends again and whatever emotions were tied to the event is no longer stimulated, thus not causing a reaction when you see each other. It’s called indifference when the event loses its emotional attachment.

What we are doing is similar when using the laser.  When people suffer a physical, chemical, emotional upset, the nerve system tags the trauma with something.  It could be pollen, a smell, odor, frequency, beverage, food, and from that point whenever the body is exposed to that substance it starts reacting causing your symptoms.   What we are doing is removing the tag that is causing it to react to something it should not be reacting to.

If your allergies are caused by food (milk, peanuts, etc.) pollen, chemicals, latex, medications, we can recondition your autonomic nervous system through neurological reconditioning to not react when exposed to a substance found in our 60,000+ frequency library.  The BAX 3000 technology is not concerned with symptom, just the stress that researchers believe trigger the symptoms. Symptomatic relief experienced by patients is a result of stress reduction.

Edward age 45 reported, “I had severe pollen allergies for years and 2009 was the first year I got no Ragweed allergies. It works amazing!”

Rose reported; “I was lactose intolerant and after two laser treatments I no longer get stomach pains when eating dairy products.”

Grace age 76 reported, “I was allergic to shrimp and after being treated for minerals and iodine, I can eat shrimp without any reactions.”

Gene reported, “I suffered from a severe wheat allergy (celiac) and constant bloody dermatitis for ten years.  After eleven visits I can now eat wheat without any discomfort and my dermatitis is 90% better.”

Stephen age 11 reported, “I had severe cat allergies that caused my eyes to swell horribly.  After six laser treatments for cat I can now play with cats without any reactions and it’s been over six months since my last laser treatment.”