Headache/ Migraine Headaches


Tension Headaches/Cervicogenic Headaches
The majority of headaches originate in the neck and then refer to the head. A subluxation (bone out of place) in the neck irritates nerves which refer into the head causing headaches. If you feel pain in the temporal regions or back of the head then you are most likely getting a headache from the spine. Certain muscles can refer to the head causing headaches.

If you suffer from headaches, Dr. William Johnson will identify the cause and if needed will take an x-ray to see what cervical subluxations are causing the headache.

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Migraine Headaches
Migraine headaches are triggered by a nerve causing blood vessel dilation and constriction.

1. Specific Spinal adjustments and Postural Correction traction therapy – Loss of neck curve can put extra tension on the spinal cord and nerves contributing to migraine headaches.

2. Bax 3000 Cold Laser Therapy – Can remove severe autonomic nervous system disturbance which contributes to migraine headaches. The computerized laser technology can test up to 100,000 specific substances which trigger migraine headaches.

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