Food Allergies

The Bax 3000 laser works to help recondition the body to no longer overreact to foods that the body perceives as harmful.  If the body perceives food as harmful it can cause a severe stress response causing either an immune response (hives), digestive problems, emotional changes, etc.  The Bax 3000 light therapy sends specific frequencies of foods into specific points of the body to desensitize the body and make the body okay with the frequency of the food.  We do not treat the allergy symptom but treat the person who has the condition.  Drugs treat symptoms…we treat the cause.  The laser has a great success rate in removing the inappropriate responses and many patients are free of horrible symptoms associated with their problem.

Each food has its own specific frequency or energetic fingerprint.  The body can recognize the specific frequency as the real thing.  We are sending these specific frequencies via radio frequencies in a homeopathic dose so patients do not have to worry about getting an allergic response.
Here are few patients that gave us permission to use them as testimonials: