Eczema & Skin Conditions

If your suffering from chronic eczema or a skin condition, then, the Bax 3000 laser will give you the best opportunity to resolve the problem.  Many times your skin problem could be triggered by something in your environment that promotes an inflammatory reaction to the skin.  Instead of treating the problem with creams and steroids, Dr. Johnson will focus on the causes that trigger eczema or skin condition.  Dr. William Johnson is highly experienced in figuring out what substances are stressing out the autonomic nervous system, which causes an immune system reaction that causes the condition.   If you follow the protocol and recommendations, your chances of having healthy skin will be great.  I have a great success rate in helping patients with skin conditions that are triggered by something they eat, drink, rub on their skin or breath in.     Here are a few patients who gave us permission to videotape them and put them on our website.

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